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Cameras For Wedding Photography

Find the best wedding photographers and cameras for capturing special moments from your big day.

Best Pro-Level DSLR Cameras

Dynamic Range

Capture wide frames with the best lighting and focus.

Image Quality

High-resolution image quality with right lenses and cameras.


Highly durable waterproof cameras for an unbreakable bonding experience.

Back-Up Body

Receive a back-up body set up with the camera for better protection.

Lens Mount

Manual lens mount for a quick change of lenses from portrait to wide-angle landscapes.

Image Stabilization

Record clear and stable videos while walking through the rocky terrains.

Camera Lens Collection

Wide-Angle Zooms

Capture the best from one corner to the other in a single pic.

Macro Lenses

Capture the smallest details with high clarity and bright colours.

light-weight camera Repairs

For Wedding Photography

Get your camera fixed within an hour and get it delivered on the same day to never miss a moment.


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  • Digital cameras are expensive investments that need proper care. Poor maintenance costs you time and money in replacement (especially the lens) and repair. Keeping your camera well-maintained extends saves you money for other investments. It also extends your camera’s lifespan and increases your return on...

  • The job of a wedding photographer is not an easy one. It requires certain kinds of skills mixed with patience and discipline. When all these aspects get combined, the human part of the profession gets completed. But to reach the end, one also has to look into the mechanical side. So to make matters meet, we are going to be talking about DSLRs and which among them is ideal for weddings. Since the couple requires nothing but memories, it is essential to have a good camera. Hence, here are some of the best DSLRs for wedding photography.

    Canon EOS SD Mark Ⅲ

    When it comes to cameras, Canon is a brand that you rely on. Their products help you gain an inside edge over things and ultimately produce high-quality pictures. The Canon EOS SD Mark Ⅲ is no different, as it boasts of some fantastic results. Autofocus, ISO of 102,400, affordable price, and so on are some of the best features on this camera. The built of the camera is another benefit that adds to the overall structure, making it comfortable to hold and position. Canon EOS SD Mark Ⅲ

    Nikon D800

    Be it image quality or portability; the Nikon D800 is another choice for wedding photography. Its performance was appreciated by critics, as its colour depth is either in par or better than most of the top cameras of this segment. The 36.3MP camera provides dynamic images with a system that is foolproof. Apart from all that, the price is another point that makes matters interesting. With a camera like Nikon D800 being affordable, wedding photographers have a reason to smile.

    Canon EOS 1 Dx

    The ISO range of 2000 helps this camera produce some top quality images that are stunning. Regardless of the location of the wedding, this camera is well equipped to handle everything. The improved AF performance is another factor that makes the entire process effective. At 12fps, you can shoot continuously, as the camera helps you achieve everything. Although it may not stand against the EOS SD Mark Ⅲ, it still manages to make a statement from its standpoint.

    Nikon D4s

    Nikon D4s The Nikon D4s is a camera that was awaited by a large section of the people. Touted as the flagship device, it can capture some amazing pictures at low light. The 16MP camera maintains a colour depth of 24.4 bits with the dynamic range being 13.3 stops. Even if flash is not allowed, you can make matters meet with this beautiful camera. Be it the controls or the speed; things also seem to be less complicated. Since it is being projected as a standard camera, you can expect to see a price tag that suits your budget.

  • If you are just stepping into photography, there are many things to consider when purchasing your first camera. There are personal factors to consider but you should also be aware of all the amazing features that your camera can offer to you. Having a basic...

  • Lighting plays a vital role in a photograph by making it look authentic and real. Every professional has an idea or so about lighting that will be implemented to make the moment look beautiful. But apart from these set of ideas, there are also specific facts that come into the picture. Yes, that’s right. When these facts get mixed with your method, you will be able to produce better quality images. So to shed more light, here are some facts about photography lighting that you should know.

    The Light Source and the Subject

    The relation between your light source and the subject is an essential one that goes into defining the impact of the same. So for example, if you move your light source further away from the subjects, then the effect or the light will become harder, and when you move it closer, it becomes bigger. In this manner, you can adjust the impact on your subjects by changing the direction of the light source. This needs to be done based on the type of photo that you need. Light Source

    Shadows tend to create Volume

    When you position the light high above and a bit side of your subject, the image that you receive will be interesting. The position of the light source can be changed again to make the photo more appealing. By all means, the results will cause changes to the shadow by making it more effective and less effective. This method can be utilized for innovative projects that deems a bit of exploration.

    The Colour of Light

    Our eyes are very adapted in adjusting our perception, in a manner that we often forget the colour of light. Also known as colour temperature, digital sensors will be able to capture the same. This is visible in the colour of the early morning sunlight and the afternoon sunlight. By bringing digital cameras on board, you can use white balance either to emphasize colour casts or to neutralize them.

    A Broader Light Source

    Colour of Light If you do not wish to have shadows and want to soften the light, then you will require a broader light source. By getting a more comprehensive source of light, you will be reducing the contrast, and the texts get suppressed. Moving forward, the impact on your subject will come in from different directions, making the result all the more productive. A vast studio equipment is also not required to make this process effective.


    The facts mentioned above might be small, but they are effective. After creditable years of training, professional photographers will be able to analyse these changes and add the same impact to their work. Hence, these facts tend to be significant.  

  • If I were to be honest, I would name this era – the mobile phone era, as we use it for everything but mostly to stay in touch with the world and take pictures. Or mostly to take a picture of everything around you that...

  • There are a comprehensive set of demands that come into picture while choosing a camera for a wedding. With the event being a special one, people would generally like everything to be perfect. Since compromises don’t apply, one need not do the same when it comes to cameras. By following specific steps or tips, everyone can choose the ideal camera for their wedding. So to be more specific, here’s how you can make this process fruitful.


    Any professional will tell you to look into the resolution since megapixels can help you crop photos with ease. When the camera follows a high count in this regard, it manages to produce top quality images and makes the entire process easy. Be it highlight shots or low light shots; a good megapixel count can help you make matters effective. Resolution


    The importance of a sensor needs to be duly noted since it will make all the difference. Since it is a critical aspect of image quality, it is essential to look into the size and design of the sensor. When you look into these factors along with megapixel, you will be able to get an idea about the kind of images that it can capture. So in that manner, there are some points that you need to keep in mind.
    1. Larger sensors can gather more light from a single shot.
    2. Full frame sensors are some of the most popular options for weddings, but it remains to be expensive.
    3. The sensor’s design tends to influence its performance.
    4. Optical low pass filters are designed to eliminate moiré.
    5. Stacked sensors separate light-gathering portions of the sensor. They also process and store data in different layers.

    The Importance of Speed

    Different types of images need to be captured at a wedding with candid ones being the most preferred category. Either the bride is giving a perfect expression or is walking down the aisle. So for both these aspects, you need a camera that helps you capture the moment. For this purpose, you need to look for a camera that has a speed of 5 fps while shooting raw.


    Autofocus The need for autofocus is vital, and that goes without saying. Since weddings also involve a lot of commotion, autofocus is necessary. The performance under the same is excellent, and photographers need not try hard to get the perfect image. But the feature of autofocus should also be able to perform in low light since a wedding has such demands. Autofocus with a range that starts from 3 EV can do the job, and you can go for the same. By shedding a little money, you are good to go.

  • As a budding photographer, deciding on the best camera accessories to buy can be frustrating. There are such diverse options that it is easy to get lost in the process.  That is why you need a guide to help you kickstart your journey as a...









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